Friday, February 4, 2011

We desperately are in need of your help, Help save the Children they truly are the Future

We can not save the community alone we need partner's your donation of 1.00 or some change would help keep a child on the course towards an education instead of a violent death in the streets your partnership with us can revitalize a decaying community please donate through money orders to Chance for a Higher Level Outreach Program Inc by mail or through Paypal

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477 Windsor Street SW 30312     Attention CFAHLO .

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We are registered with the IRS Charitable Organization as a 5013c Non-Profit 
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   Chance for a Higher Level Outreach Program Incorporated
          477 Winsor Street SW Atlanta Georgia 30312

Chance for a Higher Level Outreach Inc CFAHLO is a 501c3, social service organization. CFAHLO has been a lifeline for at-risk children and there families in Mechanicsville, a low income Fulton County community in the inner city of Atlanta,Georgia.

CFAHLO has operated serveral empowerment programs in Mechanicville for 23 years. CFAHLO is currently housed in the Dunbar Neighboorhood Facility a multi-prupose community center adjacent to McDaniel -Glenn Public Housing Projects and Paul Lawrence Dunbar Elementary School. Ms.Perlene-Glass Tanks a retired employee of the State of Georgia- Mental Health Division,founded Chance for a Higher Level Outreach program in 1987.

The mission of Chance for A Higher Level Outreach Program, Inc, is to reach out to at-risk young people to help them to develop positive attitudes,behaviors and outlooks, as well as, alcohol free, drug-free, development through interaction,co-operation and preparation of the young people. CFAHLO recognizes that working with the young people is not sufficient and therefore utilizes a three- pronged support approach by providing activities and services for the youth, their families and there neighboorhood. The three-pronged approach helps children stay in school, helps the parents increase their parenting skills, and helps the neighborhood through building good character and civic responsibility. 

Chance For A Higher Level Outreach Program, Inc currently provides an After School Tutorial Program, an Emergency Assistance Program / Pantry, and a Parent Empowerment Program. CFAHLO also coordinates and Annual Neighborhood ' People Day' (October), a Youth Awards Banquet (February), and Let's Be Drug Free Friends Clubs.

                                                           Program Summary

After School Tutorial Program

Services 25-50 students, grades Kindergarten (K) through 8 in a daily Monday- Friday, 2:30 pm- 6:00 pm program. The scope of work includes: Direction Instruction, a reading initiative:math skills practice: substance abuse prevention skills support group; computer application; cultural enrichment, athletic recreation, piano lessons. Coordinates an eight week summer youth enrichment program. Staffed under the direction of an Executive Director, Administrative Assistant, (1) Head Teacher and (2) Tutorial Assistants.

Emergency Assistance Program/Pantry: 

Serves residents in the Mechanicsville neighborhood and accepts referrals from the United Way. Operates three a day a week- Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 10:00 am- 2:00 pm. Distributes groceries. household necessities, and utilities assistance. During the winter months, distributes clothing, holiday baskets and youth gifts.

Parent Empowerment Program:

Coordinates support group workshops and seminars on various topics including: self esteem building: strategies for resolving family conflicts, communications between school and community seeking professional help; providing positive role images: clues in identifying problems; blueprint for nonviolent behavior, anger and stress management; literacy and job readiness and self sufficiency. Coordinates monthly parents meetings facilitating professional experts and parents discussions.  Coordinates cultural field trips for parents and youth. Facilitates resolutions between family services and juvenile court related conflicts. Facilitates resolutions between neighborhood civic association, parents and school, Coordinates Let's Be Drug Free Friends Clubs, Neighborhood Forums and Events.

CFAHLO is seeking funding support for operating expenses including: staffing and consultants; rent and utilities; supplies and transportation; and program incentives. CFAHLO has partnered with the Atlanta Community Learning Collaborative, P.L. Dunbar Elementary School, Mechanicsville Civic Association, Mechanicsville Ministerial Alliance, and the City of Atlanta Weed and Seed Program. Over the years, CFAHLO has been supported by various funding sponsors including; Catholic Social Services; Delta Airlines Fair Share Foundation, Enterprise Foundation; Atlanta Falcons Youth Foundation; Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA); Homes and Churches; City of Atlanta Local Assistance Grant; La Face Records; Munroe Foundation, and the United Way.